Station Code

Stationcode provides railway station codes of Indian Railways (IRCTC) and UK Railways. It also provides postcodes of UK train stations. Use our search box to find code of your desired railway stations.


Station codes are alternate short names for railway stations. Railways reservation systems use these codes for booking train tickets. Instead of printing long station name it prints short code of corresponding station on tickets.These codes are convenient in tabulation of train schedules. Train enquiry system can also be handled easily with them.

One can find heavy use of short station names on these places:

  1. On Indian Railways printed tickets to show source and destination station.
  2. Indian Railways official online ticket booking wing IRCTC employs same codes in its booking engine.
  3. Train's PNR Status charts are also get printed with these codes.
  4. For tabulating time tables of trains UK National Rail also uses similar kind of station name coding mechanism.

For UK Railway stations, along with station codes, we have also provided postcodes so that you can easily get all details about them at one place.

One can also visit this site to check google maps of railway stations which are generally shown along with station code on every page. If you find any discrepancies within this site, you can write to us here.